1. Soft Tissue Work
    Soft Tissue Work
    Soft tissue work consist out of various muscles techniques designed to decrease muscle tightness, improve texture and enhance function. It is primarily used using massage therapy. However, soft tissue treatment is an essential part of every session, including chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture therapy.
  2. Acupunture
    Acupuncture involves insertion of needles into the body with intension of targeting injured tissue or structure that is not normally accessible with regular contact. It helps to decrease the inflammation and speed up the healing time of the tissue. It also normalizes the neural functioning of the tissue, giving strength to weakened tissue and weakening the tense tissue.
  3. Orthotics
    Orthotics- it is a custom made foot insoles designed to align your body, improve biomechanics and support your knee or ankle. Orthotics help to eliminate foot pain and prevent potential future injuries
  4. Exercise Prescription
    Exercise Prescription
    Specifically designed set of exercises designed to achieve an ultimate goal for the patient. The exercises could vary from aiming to get rid of specific dysfunction in the body to increasing the overall fitness of an individual.
  5. Taping
    Taping involves application of specifically designed therapeutic tape to the body in order to provide support and stability to muscles and joints in the body, and speedup the healing process.
  6. Ultrasound
    Ultrasound technique consists out of using a probe directly placed on the skin to transmit ultrasonic waves. It assists with tissue relaxation, increasing blood flow, promoting scar tissue breakdown, as well as healing of the bone fractures.
  7. IFC
    Interferential therapy involves electrical stimulation of the nerves on the surface of the skin. It is used to relieve acute pain from recent trauma, increase blood flow to the area and reduce swelling of the local tissue.